Promote your business through 2D animation

Welcome to B Animated. We are an animation studio based in Barnsley. Specialising in business promotion, animated explainer video, character animation, animated infographics, social media promotion and animated logos.

Some of our latest work

Our services

Animated explainer video

Got something technical to say? The animated explainer video takes a complex product and shares how it works in a simple, engaging and meaningful manner. The quickest, clearest and by far most fun way to help your customer understand what your business does and why it’s the perfect solution to their problem.

Business promotion

Promote your business with animation that showcases quickly and simply who you are, what you do, and how you’re the perfect solution for your prospective customers. Good quality animated video on your website makes for powerful content that helps you to rank higher on Google, increase user engagement and boost conversions.

Animated infographics

Facts and statistics can’t be argued with but they can be uninspiring. Share stats your audience can get excited about and love to share! In today’s visual world, the animated infographic eradicates hefty wordy descriptions and puts your key stats into an interesting and stunning visual clip.

Character Animation

Bring your brand’s personality to life with character animation. The perfect tool for communicating and engaging with your audience on a personal level, showing who you are and sharing your message in a modern, slick format that stands the test of time.

Animated logos

The dynamic animated logo catapults your brand, making it bold, impactful, entertaining and memorable. It’ll capture and retain your audience’s attention and make you really stand out above your competition for your quality, modernity and attention to detail. It’s simple, but oh so effective!

Social media promotion

Want a wider reach and a stronger impact on social media? Stand out with animated social graphics. Just a few seconds long; they don’t require the commitment of a full video, yet are far more fun and memorable for the user to engage with than a static image.