Putting the wheels in motion for Yorkshire’s top cycling events of 2019

This Spring, B Animated had the pleasure of working with both Barnsley Council and Welcome To Yorkshire on promotion for Yorkshire’s two biggest cycling events.

The Tour De Yorkshire which takes place this year from 2 - 5 May, is a huge event for Yorkshire, with the whole county erupting in excitement, and people travelling from far and wide to watch the action unfold. Stage 2 of the route kicks off in Barnsley. The team at Barnsley Council have organised a full day packed with entertainment to celebrate the event and so have been working hard to promote the activity locally. This year they wanted to take it up a notch, so they booked a screen in prime position in Meadowhall to promote the event. With such a large footfall, the ad was going to be seen by thousands, so they had one shot to make the right impact.

The communications team had seen work from B Animated around Barnsley and decided to get in touch. They concluded that animation was the perfect tool to capture the attention of passers by and communicate key details of the event quickly in a captivating and stylish manner.


When it came to concept and storyboarding, we stuck rigidly to the core blue, yellow and white brand colours to make it distinctly Tour De Yorkshire! We decided to bring the Barnsley leg of the route to life. Over the unravelling route, we layered key messages. For the final call to action screen we could bring the celebration aspect of the event to life - pulling together the cyclists with the blue and yellow bunting that’s synonymous with Barnsley. We made sure the animation was always moving, to reflect the nature and energy of the event. The final result is clean and concise, professional, true to brand and successfully draws attention in a busy shopping centre environment.

The team at Welcome To Yorkshire were really impressed with the quality and the clarity of the final animation for Barnsley Council. They were in the process of pulling together promotional materials for their UCI Road World Championships and asked B Animated to create an animated sting for their social awareness campaign.

The UCI Road World Championships have an entirely different branding and we were able to have some fun playing with the ‘fan’ asset of the brand. Photography was incorporated into one of the scenes in this animation, so each scene felt very distinctive from the other. We utilised the fan as a constant across each scene to tie the animation together and ensure the brand came through strong. The resulting animation feels active, exciting and fun but it also manages to communicate the unique personality of Yorkshire.

"Laura was brilliant to work with from story-boarding our concept to delivery. The speed and responses we got from Laura was everything we needed for a project that was quite a tight turnaround, and we'd definitely use B Animated again for any future projects!” Jess Barrans, Project Manager, Welcome to Yorkshire.

It’s been a pleasure to work on both projects, it feels amazing seeing the TDY animation take centre stage on screen in Meadowhall, and the UCI Road World Championship animation have made a great impact on such a big social media following. Both animations have proved a success, and as a result we have two very happy clients who we look forward to working with again in the future!