The Business Village Transform Tenancy Talks with Promotional Animation

The Business Village at Barnsley BIC is a fantastic hub providing a whole host of tailored support and flexible managed work space to an array of businesses of different sizes, sectors and situations. The team at The Business Village do everything they can to help businesses to develop, grow and thrive.

The Business Village itself is thriving too, and they have recently invested in office developments, expansion and a business rebrand. Their existing brand had been in place for quite a few years and they knew they needed to refresh their look to reflect their evolved business..

They required something to use as an introduction on their website, for use on their reception area screen and to use in marketing campaigns across social media which was visual, engaging, fun to watch, and clearly communicated the features and benefits of the services they provide.

The animation needed to be clear in communicating their different levels of tenancy support from virtual tenancy through to scalable office space, but on top of that they offer a multitude of services as a part of their package.

We got to work pulling together a story for the animation so it wasn’t just simply a case of throwing information at the viewer, instead it had a narrative for the viewer to follow. This made the animation feel more personable which is an important trait of The Business Village itself and the team who work to support businesses there.

Our resulting approach raised the issue of all the distractions and problems which arise time again when working from home; from unreliable technology to family distractions. Once we set the scene with the problem, we presented the viewer with The Business Village’s services as the perfect solution.

The new rebrand came with a great selection of icons to represent their many services, so we were able to animate each of these individually to bring them to life. We used them to complement the story and clearly illustrate all the benefits of The Business Village.


Our finished animation sits perfectly with their new brand. We’ve carefully crafted the animation in a way where it can not only be used as a full length animation, but it can be broken down into a series of short ten second standalone clips to act as punchy informative stings on social media. The curated and cleanly laid out statements and visuals in the animation are also able to be used as still graphics for use in other promotional marketing materials and the Business Village have used our office scene in a recent print ad.

So this one animation has a multitude of uses and a great deal of content which can be broken down and utilised to keep campaigns lasting and looking fresh, exciting, but consistent as any good brand and good campaign does.

It was a fun experience working with Kevin and his team at The Business Village and we love seeing it in pride of place when we walk into their reception area. Kevin enjoyed the experience too “Lovely to work with Laura! We’ll be back for more.” We have no doubt that this animation will stand the test of time for them but we are certainly looking forward to the next opportunity to work with such a lovely team of people!